L600 and L114 Cross Breed?


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ANyone know what the juvie plecos would look like if an L600 and L114 mated???? Would the babies look more like L600? or L114?


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Yes. But what I'm curious about is that when the L600 and the L114 cross breed. Like when the plecos mature will they look like more like L600s? Or L114?? Will u be able to tell that they are a cross bred with characteristics of both L600 and L114?
There's only 2 people I know of that have crossed them before. I was speaking with one yesterday and his fry are just over an inch now. He is able to tell the difference in all fry 114, 600 and 114/600 cross. But hes also had many of them and can compare them side by side. Myself they all look the same at small size.

Anyway, his buddy who has crossed them also has some that are older and seem to for the most part take on the charastics of L600.

We are actually doing some genetic testing on a number of pseudas to see the differences in them. Will be able to report back after more data has been collected & tested.