LF: glass top for 180 gal


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Hi, looking for a glass top for my 180 gal or if anyone knows where I can pick one up in toronto, please let me know. Thanks.


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You can try glass shops to cut to your dimensions or bigals should have the Marineland or perfecto ones.


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This is the Glass company that I used to buy glass for canopy or divider.


63 Silver Star Blvd, Unit E5 (opposite of Scotia Bank), Scarborough

Phone#: 416 -293 - 1833

You need to provide:
- L by W (by inches)
- thickness of the glass (ie 3 mm or 4 mm or 6 mm)

You can ask for a quote on the phone. Price should be tax included, but ask it again.

Hope that help.


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Or Call OldCastle Glass. they should have a location in toronto. They will quote you over the phone if you have dimentions.