LF - "platinum snakehead" "white lemon pearl' etc


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Title says it all , im looking for a group of these fish. It's the white/platinum varrient of Channa Argus. I know they rare to find in canada so i'm hopeing someone with the right contacts can help me bring some in. They are farmed in China for food and the ones that make it into the pet trade seem to always trace back to suppliers in singapore.

If you can , or think you can help me get them please let me know via pm or preferably e-mail.


mr ry

Aquariumglaiser.com or something has them and you may be able to bring them in to canada .... I got mine before they passed the law to bring them in to bc.... Love them
The colors of them are amazing.... They however were kinda expensive as at 3 inches they were 300 each