lifespan of aro...


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its been almost the one year mark for my hiback this rate that its eating..i don't think it will ever grow into a monster lol...don't know why but my fish loves to go on 2 to 3 weeks fasting periods...water parameters are normal...aro looks healthy and swims geos are still breeding and healthy...i'm wondering what age you guys have been able to get your aros to live in your tanks...


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I just got news that my rtg arowana just passed away. Since selling my big tank at around the 14 year mark, the aro was living in my friends tank. He was 17-18 years old when he passed a few months ago. Wasn't even old age or anything but rather during a water change, he was spooked, jumped and hit the top of the lid. Didn't recover after that I was told... Quite sad. They do live a long time if properly cared for.


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Geez. 17-18 years old you say? I remember when you got that fish. Seems like...well, I guess a while ago.

I think your fish had a pretty good life Mike.