light for a 120g 4x2x2


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whats a good light fixture for a 4x2x2 tank n how long should the light be on during the day n night for a young chili aro. Thank you for reading and replies.


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I would either get a 40 watt flourescent shop light (T8's) from a hardware store to keep on top of the tank, or else a standard overhead aquarium light (T5) flourescent set. When the fish gets larger you might consider trying to tan it and/or get a NAN light.


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Reds respond well to higher output lighting. You could install a dual tube T5HO with a 10K in the back and a colormax or roseate in the front. I would run them for at least 14 hrs a day up to 24 hrs a day if the fish will accept it and you can scub all the algea.