LiveExoticImports Strategically Partners with Mississauga Aquarium in Toronto!


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LiveExoticImports has strategically partnered with Mississauga Aquarium to Import High Quality Asian Arowanas into Toronto’s west side!

Serving as one of LiveExoticImports key local distribution points within and outside the GTA, Mississauga Aquarium will be offering their local customers an opportunity to pre-order for their “Lamborghini†Asian Arowana.

Come check out $; Mississauga Aquarium’s Rare & Exotic Goldenhead BlueBase Xback Asian Arowana who was recently imported from DreamFish - an elite pedigree breeder of Asian Arowanas in Singapore.

We are proud & happy to have Mississauga Aquarium to join our AroNetworkâ„¢ - an Exclusive Canadian Asian Arowana Holding, Grooming, & Medical Treatment Center located in the hearts of Toronto!
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Pre-Order today for your “Lamborghini†Asian Arowana!


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