marble motoros and hybrid


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FS pair of marble motoro bred my mark huveneers. These are qualtiy examples of marble motoro. female is 7-8inches male is 6inches. i have included a video of a marble i imported 2 years ago from the same breeder. i will NOT split up the pair.

FS is a P14xBDxBD male 7-8inches this guy is genetic power house and will produce killer pups with any black ray.

I also have 3 quality pairs of F3 black diamonds avaliable.parents are oringially bred and imported from topstingray. prices depend on quality. email me for photos.
also have 1 pair of P14xBDxBD.

shipping is offered to all major airports with DOA replacement garentee.

marble pair-2400$ shipped
hybrid- 1500$-plus shipping
F3black diamond and hybrid pair- depend on quality contact me for info


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