Marineland 300 gallon and sump


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This 300 gallon tank is great. If you want to keep really big fish - arowana, stingrays, etc., this tank is perfect. It is currently filled and running. It comes with the stock Marineland stand, a full set of glass lids, a fluorescent overhead light (with chains to hang from ceiling), a sump, and two submersible pumps for the sump. The pumps are only a couple years old. This is a one owner tank system; I bought it about 8 years ago brand new. I opted for a "build in the wall" system and so did not bother keeping the original canopy.

The sump has a minor leak at the front base; I bought some plexiglass and epoxy glue from Home Depot to do the repair, but now I've decided to reorganize my fish room. And so I am selling the tank and the sump system as is. A few years ago I drilled out a hole in the sump for an overflow line direct to my basement water drain. I have had my tank/sump system set up with a 24 hour drip system and it works great. The new owner of this system could easily do the same, or else close off the overflow hole I made and just use the sump conventionally.

If you bought this tank/sump system new you would be looking at about $4000, so I think the price I am asking is fair. I have a Dodge GrandCaravan and a couple of strong teenage boys who can help with the move if needed. :)

Here are a few recent videos of the tank with fish in it; you can see how versatile this tank is. You can keep almost anything in it:

I am also willing to sell the sump and pumps alone for $200; I will throw in the plexiglass and expoxy glue from Home Depot.


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is this tank still available? im in the lower mainland and interested? cant seem to private message. whats the best way to contact you to discuss?


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No longer available. I'll send you a pm to let you know of another I know of that is for sale.