Merlion Dreamfish Emerald "Snakeskin" Green


Arowana blogger
This fish came in from the Merlion Dreamfish farm at about 9-10 inches in size. It is just starting to develop its "snakeskin" pattern on its gill plates. This fish is really dynamic under different lighting conditions. While preparing for shipping I took a video of it in the holding tank. The lighting was compact fluorescent tubes. Next, I took the fish out of the tank and took a few photos of it while in the bag. First set of shots was under cool white fluorescent light, second set under high output "warm glow" fluorescent light. You will note the base colouration ranges from platinum white to purple/bluish/turquoise green. The horse shoe patterning of scales is very strong near tail. This is a really beautiful fish and shows great promise for future development.