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Hello everyone - I am looking to get a chip reader as I have misplaced mine somewhere. A forum member told me that he is happy with the one he got from http://www.chips4fish.com/ See attached Pdf for more information.

I contacted the owner of the company (in Wales, UK) and got pricing information as follows:

The price of the detect-a-chip is £125.00 GBP which is 230.25 Canadian Dollars. If you were able to get together an order for 5 readers I could do them at 117.50 GBP or 216.44 Canadian Dollars.

Regarding postage, if I send a single reader via Airsure for delivery within 5 days it will cost £15.50 or 28.56 C Dollars, if I send 5 readers it would cost £27.50 or 50.73 C Dollars.

So far there are two people who want one (me and another fellow); thus, there are three more up for grabs. Price would be at straight cost, so you would add on whatever the Canadian postage would be for me to mail out the readers from Vancouver, probably $20 or so.

Pm if interested.


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I found my old one, so I no longer need one myself. I still have orders for a couple from members, however, along with an inquiry. Let's see if we can make the order happen. Anyone else out there want one? They are very rarely imported.