Mid Sized Xback Promo for Canada


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Dear All,
We are having a special Mid Sized Xback Promo for Canada. As Mr Wayne Woo, our old friend of close to 20 years, would be visiting our Singapore farm next month, we would let Wayne to hand pick each and every of these 15-16 inches Mid sized Xbacks for his June/July 2015 shipment.

Features of these fishes are - either Spoon or Bullet head, either Blue or Gold base, lots of pearlies, strong gold tone, and certified defects free (no PLJ, no DE, no Shark Mouth).

As we have already quoted very special LOW PRICES for these fishes to Wayne, please direct your enquires to [email protected]. Two fishes of these sizes will be pack in a single carton (estd 20kg). And we would guarantee 100% live arrival to Calgary, Canada - as with all our previous shipments.

As such, kindly support DFI and Riverfront Aquariums on this special Mid Sized Xback Promo. Thanks in advance.

Mrs Goh