Monster Fish Bowl mark huvenners Potamotrygon p14

Potamotrygon p14 imported from mark huveneers

Monster Fish Bowl is proud to present Potamotrygon imported from mark huvenners. We have imported a wide range of black rays to suit everyones budget!!!! from F2 black diamonds to classic leos and everything in between, we can help you the hobbiest find your dream ray!

Monster Fish Bowl grand opening sale!!!!!
high quality p14s from mark huvenners for $2000/pair!!!!
the nets on these p14s are densely packed. Check out some of marks breeding stock on our you tube
any questions please feel free to contact us @ [email protected].

first 3 fish are females bottom three are males last fish is a henlei female 8-9inches good size for 750$ great deal!!!


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