Monster fish bowls shipping term & conditions


Monster fish bowl is your premium rare fish importer/exporter. Over the years of importing rare and exotic fish for our own collection, we have decided to share our resources with you the hobbyist.

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Shipping Terms&conditions

Monster fish bowl is huge on quarantine. we quarantine all our new arrivals for a minimum of two weeks. under NO circumstances will we ship out under our guide lined dates.

we ship to every west/jet cargo airport.
delivery service can be provided if the client is a 200km radius of our facility. A delivery charge will apply depending on distance.

Dead On Arrival or DOA
Monster fish bowl provides a DOA policy.
What does this mean?
It means if you receive your shipment and it is DOA in the box. Monster fish bowl will either send you new live stock or under the event it is irreplaceable we refund the value of the fish only.
photos to our satisfaction must be provided immediately.