Montreal Shipment arriving 8th July, 2015


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Dear All,
Here is a snap shot of mostly new photos taken today, 7th July, 2015. After a 29 hours of flight, connection and waiting time, fishes would arrive in Montreal on 8th July afternoon.

Enjoy these fresh from the oven pictures, cheers!
Mrs Goh


The rarer Bahari Istana Reds, all with perfect bite, high bodies and longer pectorals.


All DFI 24K Gold Xbacks are fully crossed but those with Golden Lines on head command higher prices.


Yet another 24K Gold Xback in the same shipment.


Fishes in the export room under conditioning.


All packed and inspected, ready to go!


The unmistakable AVA security seal.


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Dear all,
Great news! Our importer has just confirmed the 100% safe arrival of the close to 20 Asian Arowanas and all have been either reserved and/or taken away by the buyers on the spot ...

So keen parties on BMB Xbacks, 24K Gold Xbacks and possibly, Citra and Cahaya Reds, please contact our Montreal importer directly and URGENTLY.

Second shipment to Montreal is estimated to arrive in early or mid August, 2015. Many thanks for the past and forthcoming support. Cheers!

Mrs Goh