More scams, warning to USA aro keepers


Arowana blogger
Super "deep fake" Facebook sites are being set up to cheat buyers.

Check out the attached photo of a Facebook post from some guy named "Rodic Oliver". The post is on a local British Columbia Facebook site for aquarium hobbyists.

Anyone who knows anything about Asian arowana knows they are not legal in the USA. Thus, for the poster to show photos of super red Asian arowana, and to say they sell in the USA, is a red flag.

A Google search of the email address provided "[email protected]" shows hits for many scam posts around the internet.

Similarly, a Google search of the phone number provided "+14086579413" shows hits for many scam posts around the internet.

What is scary is that the Facebook profile for this guy "Oliver Rodic" looks 100% real! :)

Click around on his Facebook page and you see photos of "his" kids, wife, aquarium store, etc. And yet somehow this guy's identity - whoever he is - has been hacked and is being used to scam people on the internet! It is really frightening.

This is an example of how very sophisticated fake Facebook sites are popping up which are used to cheat people looking to buy Asian arowana or other tropical fish. Such scammers are even sneaking their way into legitimate aquarium club Facebook groups. In this case, the Facebook group in question accepted the membership of the scammers and so they are able to post their adds in what should be a "safe" and "moderated" environment. Beware!


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