moving a monster gar


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helped a buddy move his gar outta his 1800 gallon tank back to his 900 gallon as the gar ate a 15" tem bass and keeps trying to eat the other bass, the gar is 35"


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Nice and not surprising as gars do eat other fish!! Lots of big alligators for sale in Calgary,there was even a 3 footer for sale and some 2 footers. How are you going to move the gar and arapaima when they outgrow their tanks? Did you move the gar with a bag,net or container?
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I kept a gar a long time ago, but sold it before it got big. A forum member (King_El) once told me about Cuban gars being really good ones to get because they do not get bigger than a few feet. I think Oliver at was bringing them in at one time.

Neat photo, very dramatic!


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Hey Trevor , ya once the fish outgrow the tank , Brad will prolly just build another bigger tank in his shop ha ha , we got the gars head in the net and I just grabbed him with my hands with fishing gloves ha ha, he actually was very cooperative in my hands
Hey Tomuhs , I haven't fished for awhile , but at the lake my cottage is at has great fishing, nothing but walleye, healthy lake , and theirs a dam close to my home town that has a lots of perch;pike;wallet;trout and even bass , as theres a power plant residing there so the bass can survive our cold winters