Moving Sale Left overs, some fish, some tanks


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Astronotus occelatus wild oscar Caqueta large pair "$ 100
Pterochromis congicus bigmouth cichlid smd x13 $125ea
Rinelepis adspera black tadpole Uruguay xl "$150 x1
Bagrus ubanguensis African pim Congo 6â€+ "$50.00 x1
Pinirampus pinirampu motor catfish Amazonas 8â€+ "$125.00 x1
Rheoglanis dendrophorus torrent catfish Congo6â€+ "$100.00 x1
Synodontis longirostris giant Syno Congo xxl "$200.00" x2
Hoplias cf.malabaricus wolf fish Maraba 8†$65.00 x2
Myloplus pauciradiatus salmon Mylo Tocantins xl $100.00 x5

48x48x24, new $1200
72x24x24, used with aluminium stand, glass etc $600
72x36x24, used with aluminium stand, filter, pump, 2 tanks! $2000
48x18x24, 72 gallons, 6 tanks, wood stand, $500
tanks pick up in Montreal


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3x 40 gall (48x12x12") with aluminium stand, glass tops $400
6x 72 gall (48x16x20") with wood stand, like new condition, glass tops, $500
1x 180 gall (72x24x24") with aluminium stand, glass tops $600;
1x 250 gall (48x48x24") new, no cross braces, $1200
1x 400 gall (120x30x24") with aluminium stand, glass tops $2000


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Hi There,

I am currently looking for a 180g tank and interested in one of your list. Would you mind to give a bit more details?