my 428 gallon stingray/discus tank

So i wasnt planing on going this big but was in one of the stores and they had this tank 84x42x28 and it was marked as a not for fish it was made out of 1/2 glass i looked at it and said it would hold water so i bought it for 450$ brand new had a old 90 gallon cut that apart to make my sump paid a budd 100 to make a stand in the end im in to this tank for about 650$ after all plumming and pumps lights included not bad for a big tank i figured right now i have the discus and rays but may be ditching the discus in the near future. In the end it will have a whole tiki look already have the bamboo pannals and have orderd the grass thatch for the hood

Great job I did the discus and rays too I started with 20 discus and my rays almost picked everyone off but if you succeeded congrats that's a cool combo nice looking setup
yea i have lost a few discus but when i put all the wood in the middle it gives them a place the rays cant get and havent lost one since so here is hoping but i also may just sell them all off and have the fun of getting new fish


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Ya that combo lasted about a year and a half for me with no problems untill the ray was about 12 inches then watchout as your discus will slowley go missing or found without heads lol
Ya discus didn't work out for long on my end either. I had tons of hide outs and they started getting topped so i removed them all. Even my 14" flag tail gets topped by my 17" female Henlei. She never succeeds at keeping him down. Its like a wrestling match. Lol.