my large red&bluebase xb aro tank video and pics, let me know what you guys think.


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my old red, and new blue base xback
just recently got the xback.
about 30cm+
very picky eater,
my old red would eat just about anything i give it.
sorry about the bad video quality filmed it with my phone.
hope i havent hurt your eyes :p


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James Sananikone

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Very nice fish, I like the BBXB. The thin rims make it look closer to the dragon scales. Thanks for sharring. :)

Where is your SR from. How big is he now.:)


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no idea where the SR is from,
it's my grandpa's fish, it recently passed away.
it was somewhere around 20 years old 70cm+

xback is from QH


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Assuming that SR was a Canadian "old timer" (meaning older than 6-7 years), the chances are it was either a Xien Leng, DFI, Panda or Quian Hu. I'd guess it is one of the last three listed, and if the fish was purchased in eastern Canada, probably a DFI? Can you ask your grandpa if he still has the certificate? It would be fun to know what farm it came from.

Thanks for sharing. :)