My past 24 hours in S'pore have been mind-blowing!


Arowana blogger
I was delayed getting to S'pore yesterday, but still managed to get out with Don of to see some beautiful hobbyist tanks in the city. I was out till midnight (thanks Don!). Then today I spent the whole day running around from 9am till 9 pm seeing arowana pro shops. I hit 9 BIG ones, have a couple left to see tomorrow. Also had a long meeting at Quian Hu today...fascinating stuff I tell you!

Tomorrow I am at Panda in the morning, SABF and Raffles in the afternoon, and then Extreme and a couple others later on. I hope to get some raw photos up soon. My camera battery is dead now, and I need to get a memory stick to upload photos onto the PC at the internet cafe.

I took a couple more pages of notes today. So much more to write and report on in the near future! :)