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Hello everyone,

I'm no stranger to fish-keeping but I'm new to Aro's. I've been looking around for some time and finally freed up some tank space. I don't have a big budget and will be looking at some of the lower grades but don't know them in any particular order. I've seen some RTG's that I considered awesome and will do until I can afford a Chilli Red someday but I'm curious about the high-back gold's. Do they turn out red like an RTG or more gold? I'm not so concerned about the high-back, as I actually like the dark top section on some Aro's.

Thank you in advance!


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Oops, I forgot to ask if there is a grading reference so I'll know what level of Aro I will be looking at. Does anyone have a chart or something? I know green is low grade but all the varieties of RTG and red's have me mixed up.

Thanks again


The naming of reds are farm specific, so a chili red, diablo red, or whatever the farm name is would be reflecting their breeding lines. If you are looking at a red you should read up on the farm and see the past lineage of the reds they have broken down by their naming groups as many times farms might have 2 or more types of reds.

The same thing is usually true about high backs. With high backs they come from fish that are like rtg's but their parents have one less level of black scales. Cross backs generally don't have any of the black at the top.

With all fish it is important to remember that what they are tagged on is based on their parents/brood. It might be a high back tag but could end up as an rtg or a cross back. The bigger the farm and better breeders the more likely the tag will be true as they have the experience to guess better but the reality is that no one knows the fish until it grows up.. just like if you were to say a baby will be 7 feet tall as its parents are.

The grading of arows is like this, i believe:
banjar red/ yellow tail green

Some people like the red better than gold or vice versa so I just put them at the top.

Here is the merlion grading system :

Welcome and hope you find the fish you are looking for. :)