New Citra Reds are here again!


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Dear all,
Once again, a new shipment of Citra Reds have just arrived. The timing is just right as the foreign guests to the Aquarama Show 2015 are due to arrive in Singapore next month.

And due to the larger quantities we have ordered from the Citra Landak Lestari farm, we were able to get better prices this time. We shall pass on the savings to all our supporters, giving them Real Value for their Money! Imported sizes are of two types - 10-11 inches (with cheek and rim colours) and 7-7.5 inches. All fishes are ready for your selection ...

Many thanks for the forthcoming support.
Mrs Goh


Selected for their higher bodies, larger 3 back fins and cheek & rim colours. Sizes are 10-11 inches.


Obvious Spoon Heads, longer pectorals and higher bodies are also our selection criterion - all hand picked by Mr William Goh in Pontianak, Indonesia.


Smaller Citras are already showing Spoon heads, higher bodies and a great overall colour structure, 7-7.5 inches.


A batch of 7-7.5 inch Citras with Longer pectoral fins and Larger tails. Some are certified as Chilli reds, while others, Blood reds.


The ever beautiful & colourful Citra Red Certificate.