New order - Summer/Fall 2016


Arowana blogger
The fish land very soon. I think all of them are sold on my end. You can contact Calvin over here as I think he might have some for sale or be able to link you up with some from a retailer.

This is a pretty big order. In terms of the number of fish coming in - 100 - it stands as one of the largest orders I have done. In the past I have done higher dollar amounts, but still, this is a big order with lots of logistical challenges.

Nic at Dreamfish has done a very good job organizing the shipment I think. I am confident that the order will arrive in great shape! :)

I'll be posting a bunch of photos of some of the fish on arrival.

Stay tuned, and if you are in this order, make sure your tanks are ready...


Arowana blogger
Wow, talk about an INTENSE arrival!!!!

But the really incredible news is that after hours of rebating and repacking - the order was a huge success with lots of satisfied customers.