new pickups...big boys...


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i paid $100 for the pair. Believe it or score score


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IT actually hard to believe i stopped buy my local little family run fish store yesturday and they had some one bring them in. I asked how much and they were so far my list consists of these big boys, one 3"er, 2 albinos, one long fin, and a 13" delhezi


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Nice Ornates. I bought 2 recently as well the seller said it was 18" when I measured them they were 12"!!! Needless to say the price was cut down to size as well.


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Geez, I paid $40 for my 2" ornate. You guys get all the deals. I guess it'll take me a while to grow out my little guy before I put him in with the big fish. He's up to about 4" now, a month later.

Great pick-up!