New Silver Dat


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This is my new, quite stable silver Dat!

As you can see, he's quite small. That feeder learned not to cross the egg-crate division between large predators and small 'growers'--and is now too large to fit through the holes. I've decided not to feed him to anyone, as it adds a nice balance of colour to my tank.

The Tiger eats Tetra Color pellets, crushed Massivore pellets, blood worm, and as of last night OSI Algae Wafers. To be honest, I wouldn't have taken him if he didn't eat pellets, but King Ed has a batch who all eat pellets VERY readily. He was quite dark in the store, but stabilised as soon as he hit my tank.

Currently, the unnamed Tiger is living quite peacefully with 7 Sema Prochilodus Taeniurus, 1 unknown Sema Prochilodus (maybe High-fin) and 1 smart feeder.

I'll try posting more pics of all my fish soon.


Nice pick up :)

Those guy's are always stable. They are not like the other type of Dat's. They are also very easy to get off of live foods.

Good luck I hope it grows nice and big for you :)