New Sponsor from Ontario!

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Arowanaclub extends a warm welcome to Oscar Virgilio, the manager of Mississauga Aqarium's Online Tropical Fish (

Here is an introduction that Oscar has put together to tell you about himself:

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Oscar Virgilio has been an aquarium aficionado since the age of 5. He has kept and bred both freshwater and marine fish. He is the manager of MA ON Line Tropical Fish, distributor for Canada of SING Arowanas Farms Ltd, organizer of the First Canadian Flowerhorn Show in 2015, founder of the UFA Canada Flowerhorn Group, 2018 Arowana Canada Club moderator, and administrator of several Facebook aquarium-related groups. He is currently keeping and breeding several varieties of discus, flowerhorns, plecostomus, and Asian Arowanas.

Everyone is invited to Oscar Virgilio's presentation “The Dragon behind the Glass ― Arowana Fish,” which will be hosted by the St. Catharines & Area Aquarium Society on Monday, January 7, at 7:30 p.m. The presentation will take place at the Teamsters Union Hall, 70 St. David Street East in Thorold, Ontario. Several maps to the presentation's place are available at: Free admission.

Welcome Oscar :)

Be sure to check out the new sub-forum for Oscar here: