new tank b4 and after


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so here it all begins, a 7x3x3 tank
just pulled out all my fish and drained the tank .
tearing this tank down and building new one tomorrow..
had serious termite problems.
and a very very bad design , tanks loud as $#!+
sump is wayy too small. and feeders get sucked in...


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doesnt it suck to have to wait for silicon to dry....
so tempting just lookin at my new 7 footer tank.....
needa wait for like another 20 days or so....
left all my fish at a friends house.....
all i can do is stare at my new empty tank.......
and another month or so to have the bacteria to grow................
think i should probably keep some bettas or something to fix the itch..
and use them bettas as feeders later on when my aros and dats come back in to home sweet home.... :D