New tank pics


Thanks to Lyder my amazing in wall 500 gallon tank with a 180 gallon sump is complete.

Tank is a plywood built 6lx4wx3h. Built in the wall. Sump is fed in the room behind so no noise and no mess. The entire unit is self contained including a laundry sink to keep everything out of sight. Sump is also very cool as it is also a quarantine that can be completely cut off from the main tank, in the case of medication. when not medicating the a fluval fx5 will pull water from the main water and push it into the quarantine which overflows back into the main sump. Lyder (gumby79) is the best and most maticulous tank builder ever. He thinks of everything and NEVER shorts anything. Everything is done with style, grace and a whole lot of love for the hobby.

Would I do anything different? Knock out a wall and get 2 more feet in length. Other than that I am sooo happy


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Looks good! Every time I see tanks built into the wall they look small compared to the dimensions. I will have to come check it out some time.


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Looks great Tim. Congratulations on your new set up. You and Lyder have "upped the bar" for in the wall tanks. The filtration and backroom set up looks really well thought out.


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Wow you thought of everything when building this puppy. The qt section is really cool and a great idea! True show tank.

What type of return pipes are you using? Don't look like the regular old loc line.

Mang Gumby, hope you don't mind if I holler your way in the future! Luv it.


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Amazing tank :) andy updated pics? it looks so small with those fish in there lol are you ever getting into monster fish?