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Hi guys,
I am new to this club and like having one or 2 aros in the future. Right now I am researching about this fish. I come up with few questions, hopefully you guys could answer:
1. can this fish eat earth worm instead of super worm
2. can Koi be in the same tank with aros
3. 2 aros can be in 120 g tank or not


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Hello and welcome to the club! Arowana can eat earthworms and super worms. I dont feed mine either though. I feed raw shrimp, freeze-dried krill and pellets. I wouldnt keep koi with arowana. I think a few people do though. I think koi are a messy fish and probably dont like the higher temps that arowana need. A 120 g would be good for a starter tank for 2 aros however you would later need a minimum of 180 g tank for one. Usually if you keep 2 together they will eventually turn on eachother and fight. They do well alone or in higher numbers.


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Thanks chilli red for your advise. I just missed out on a 180g tank for $500, otherwise I would get one already. Do you know how much for a 6-8 " RTG now because I went to couples store here in Edmonton and all they have is the silver aro for $70
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I feed mine earthworm occasionally. And he loves it. U can put koi, but, like CHILLI RED said. Dont Koi looks better from top view anyway? We often have group buys here, or look under Buy/Sell. I think at one time, the RTG, were selling for $400 ????


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thanks iamfrontosa, I have looked in the Buy/Sell ..., well I have read all the thread in this club for almost a month now and those postings are already sold for a year or 2, I did not see any new posting for sale.
Anyway I am looking for 2 6-8'' RTG in the same batch or parent. I have also read the group buys thread but I don't know if it is already completed for the order in this spring and will there be another order for this summer or not? I have tried to click on the Dragonfish Canada Valued Customers to order but it said I should get a password from Cirrus in order for me to arrange group buy. I don't know how to PM Cirrus to get the password


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Hey there Ahok,

I would feed super worms instead of earth worms because theyre not as messy to deal with. Earthworms need a moist soil substrate which could contaminate your water. On the other hand, superworms can be gutloaded with tons of healthy vitamins / nutrients by giving them a oatmeal / fishflake substrate.

2 aros should be okay if you keep a close eye on them when theyre young. Make sure you do have a backup plan ready if the fighting elevates. One aro will do in a smaller 4 feet long, 2 feet wide tank for a year, but will need a serious upsize after that.

And as said before, koi are messy fish, so I dont think its a good idea to keep them in the same tanks, arowanas are quite sensitive to ammonia/nitrite/nitrate levels and will need intensive filtration in the tanks.

And lastly, Im from the Edmonton area as well and Im in the process of getting quite a few fish in a group order from Theo, Dragonfish Canada. Send me an email at [email protected] if you are interested in an arowana!