Newbies first time at drilling and plumbing


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So my 180 is almost complete after 2 months of prepping and gathering all the right parts. After running 2 canisters on the tank, I decided to "do the right thing" and to build a sump. Of course I had to drain all the water in the 180 and move the contents and some water over to my 90 gal.

I ended up drilling 2 holes for 1.5 '' bulkheads; the whole process took over 5 hours! Felt really bad for the guy that had to sit there and watch it the entire time.

With the drilling all completed, I proceeded in installing the sump into the cabinet. Sorry didn't take a pic of the sump before I put it in...managed to slip in like a glove though!

From there, I was able to get help from an expert, in my eyes, (thanks Glam!!) and start the plumbing. Safe to say, gluing and priming PVC does not smell the greatest.

So we managed to install all the bulkheads and plumbing relatively problem free. An interesting note is that we dropped the 180 gallon 2 feet of the ground; luckily the only thing that was broken was a bit of the plastic and my ego.

Now all that's left is to wait for the silicone to dry on the internal overflow and to get the background in place (blue vs black? for a bbxb)

Will post pics of the plumbing and the entire setup once its up and running. Wish us luck and keep your fingers crossed that the tank didn't develop a crack.

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5 hours to drill 2 holes!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats a pretty crazy drill hes got, but omg 5 hrs! Would have done both of them with a hand drill in less then an hour.


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Lmao! I know eh? I was expecting him to be in and out within 20 minutes...

The guy actually had a bigger drill but he kept getting zapped every time it shorted (every 5 mins.) Good thing I didn't sit through the entire process...

Personally I don't think he put enough pressure on the drill but he was being overly cautious; something I can appreciate lol!