NLS for stingrays, Tigers, Tigrinus Catfish...


Introducing the NLS 10mm sinking pellets for all kinds of big tropical fsh including omnivore, carnivore and herbivore.

Enhances the full spectrum of your fish's colour.

Best for stingrays, all kinds of catfish & all other kinds of tropical fish.

1875g net weight pail $65.00/pail

Shipping is available.


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I shipped 2 pails out to Vancouver today and the actual costs for me is $21.07. I am offering $25.00 for shipping of 3 pails (I probably have to absorb part of the shipping charges)

For 4 pails, shipping charges would be $34.00 (again I may have to absorb part of the shipping charges but in case actual shipping charges are less than $34.00, I can give u a credit for the next order)

So shipping charges to Vancouver (until further notice) are:

1 pail $13.50
2 pails $20.00
3 pails $25.00
4 pails $34.00


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I have received the pellets and my rays just pounced on them right away was not expecting that thanks