Not so charming Phoenix...


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Look what my "Charming Phoenix" did to my Motoro... You guys better watch out with that combo.


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yeah they will suck on anything, i had the same thing happen to an ornate bicher - scales gone raw flesh, not pretty..
One of the reasons i have never tried to keep rays

sorry to see man, hope it recovers ok

lo sai

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you could try that combo but it all depends on the fish?
in bby's BA theres a FF with 2 BIG rays and ive never seen the FF attack the rays.
Maybe its the size of there big tank or that the motoros are like 10 times bigger than the FF?


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Just matter of time, any of the slow moving/bottom dwelling fish are prone to the might of the FF.

Add salt, and it should be ok, keep water conditions prime......don't just throw the salt in....melt first in bucket of water, then add.


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I took out the FF as soon that I saw the injury. Well actually I took out all the 4 stingrays, and put them in the other tank. I guess the FF "attacked" this particular motoro because it was the less active one.

lo sai:
By the way, my FF is tiny compared to my rays. But still...


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Ouch! That's definitely a problematic FF. It sort of reminds me of the small phoenix in my tank, except she only goes after my HUGE FF.

On the other hand, Pookie doesn't pick on anyone. If the small FF is attacking her, she'll attack back after a while; or if a fish is VERY close to death, she'll ram and suck it to death. But I've never seen her go out of her way to attack another fish.

I'd let your motoro heal up, put a separator in with a brand new FF and one day when you have a bunch of time to spend with your fish, let it free and watch it carefully.

I personally couldn't be in this hobby without at least one FF living in my house somewhere. Pookie rather is like a wife--including no procreation. :p


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Thanks for the tip. I actually gave the FF to my girlfriend to keep. Do you have any picture of your big FF? And how long did it take for it to reach that size?


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ouch dude!! that sucks who could've thought that lil cute charming phoenix can do this much damage...! :confused:anyway, this combo had worked alotsa times but maybe ur ff is different. crazy one. hope ur ray recovers! (like ur ornate did) :D