Opportunity for Group Buy - Custom Glass Aquarium Tanks


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Hi everyone -

I have currently requested a quote from Aquatic Escapes for large Custom made Aquarium Tanks (240 - 300 gallon).

If there are a number of tanks ordered at the same time - they are keen to provide us with better pricing.

Basically, we can do a group buy with them and benefit from the extended volume discount.

If you are interested, please drop me the following info:

Custom Tank Specs
1. Exact Outside Dimension (specify if Glass or Frame measurement):
2. Rimless or Frameless:
3. Centre, Euro or Braceless:
4. Requirements - Low-Lead Glass (i.e. Staphire):
5. Drilled or not (i.e. for Over-flow):
6. Any other special requirements:
7. Email contact - so that I can email you back the quote.

Time frame: For the next 5 days (until 8th May 8pm), I will collect all responses and send it to them for a quote back.

Warranty info would included in the quote back - I expect it to be fairly standard to what other LFS would cover.

I would expect about a week before we get a formal quote back.

Note: You would be dealing directly with them based on the pricing they provide back.

If you are interested, drop me the information and we can take it from there.

BTW - I have checked around and Aquatic Escapes have a great reputation in the industry - http://www.aquaticescapes.ca/home.html



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Thanks to all those who responded. I will forward your specs to Aquatic Escapes and get them to get back to you on the quotes.

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