Other animals in our lives.


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Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to start a thread so we could all share some of the other animals in our lives. Its also a great way of getting to know each other. I personally havent been on here long but have met some really awesome people here and hope to get to know more.

I personally have a Boxer named Chubbs. He was a rescue from an abusive house and had come around 100000% from where he was. He now Loves everyone and everything (Even the rays which im sure he is jealous of)

I have added a some photos of him.

Hope to see what everyone else has!




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My monsters...


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Awesome guys! Love the yawn on your guys Aro!

Those are some wicked looking cats chen!

Russell looks so happy!


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Glad to see I'm not the only one with sissy dog :p
Podgie the bichon.

Molly the poodle x

My next dog will be a manly labradoodle


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Im willing to bet mine is a bigger sissy than anyones. He has to sleep on a memory foam bed or he just wont sleep.


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Juice604 thats a beautiful dog you got there
I used to have a chowchow when i was younger ...
super loyal dog


ya his name is cheeba , very loyal indeed ,he is great with kids and most dogs , not a big fan of the yappy ones .. but plays fine with most . :cool:


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Lol did you name him after chewbacca hahaha
I wanted to name my dog chewbacca but my gf wouldnt let me so i named him after the fat kif from pixars up lol...... russell.........
I feed russell on a strict barf diet too... from all these years of fish keeping ...natural just seems like the way to go...... :D