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  • hey Wayne, I got my tank from Tenecor out of Arizona...and they too are not around anymore! There are a few guys in the states....Mike from here got one made from the us as well recently!
    Hey Chen,
    Can you tell me who made your tank? My 450 acrylic tank was made by Kevin of aqua scape in 2002 in scarborough. He is not around and I might need to replace the one I have. Do you know any good builders. Thanks.
    Wayne mah.
    No special forum for Group buys right now; closest thing would be the special projects I guess? You could fly your idea there and see where it goes?
    just thinking...nothing confirm as I was looking at something at least 20" plus. My current aro is 16" so not looking for anything smaller....thanks

    I heard you are looking to purchase an aro from John B, would you be interested in a smaller Elkino super red... 15"

    Hey Daniel.....I had my contractors help me move the I don't have any movers in that i know of that can do this...perhaps you can ask Howard on here as I believe he has hired some for his new tank to arrive....

    Can you recommend movers? I need my new fish moved into the house? It is 330 gallon starfire tank, 72" by 36" by 30. approximate weight is 800 lbs? Delivery date is Apr 16 ( Fri) in the evening say 5:00 pm.
    Thanks in Advance!

    Vince who? the guy who bought my rays? if so no as it was john who contacted him for me....
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