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    Vancouver Trip

    yeah...once again I showed up to vancouver and got sick...this time fairly bad. I had a bit of asthma before I flew to Vancity....after returning I was in emergency 4 times in 3 weeks with a total of 8 nights stay due to severe asthma and had a respirator for on for days...still...
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    Vancouver Trip

    It’s been a few years since I’ve had to travel to Vancouver to visit my office. Usually have them fly to Toronto lol. Anything exciting happening in town this week? I’m arriving Wednesday leaving Saturday. Heading to try ToJo’s and blue water cafe for dinne. Need to find another place...
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    Captive breeding of true ST???

    nice....if its true and prices comes down...
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    where is everyone...

    that's awesome you're back in....I'll be back in the not so far future...busy with work, life and other hobbies including not much time for Fish....been into Bengals, Savannah Cats of late....once i'm over that...i'll be back into fish in no time...kept some of my filters and gears...
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    500 gallon tank/filtration/stingrays

    WOW....Amazing gears and Rays!!!!! amazing!
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    FS: Striped Silver Dollars - Metynnis Fasciatus

    NICE......have the room in my office tank in Ajax for it
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    Black Diamond Stingray

    wow....great looking BD's and pricing!
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    Blast from the past

    same [email protected]! be looking at the same...1 aro and a pair of rays...
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    Entire Setup + 30 inch Blood Red (Same day move!)

    great job Mike..7hrs is not bad at all!
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    5-6" Tigrinus Catfish

    nice looking Tig!
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    Missing my fish!

    its only been a very very short time and i'm already missing having some aquatic life in my house... Have 4 cats to deal with but always coming in here makes my house empty without some fish swimming around!. Have a small space for a 3ft that I might set up....just not the big size tanks I'm...
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    Total-pro fish room

    wow nice clean setup!!
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    220 wide

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    450Gal Setup for sale/ST/BD Breeding Rays

    Thanks for the kind words fellas! I'm just taking a short short break! I'll be back shortly! Will never be without fish for too long!
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    450Gal Setup for sale/ST/BD Breeding Rays

    Everything has been sold...sad to see it all go but know where they are and all in good hands!....will be back soon...maybe a year or two but smaller setup to fit a busy schedule. Was thinking also to go back to either only 1 aro and a couple of Rays or maybe get back into Moba's ....have time...