Missing my fish!


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its only been a very very short time and i'm already missing having some aquatic life in my house...

Have 4 cats to deal with but always coming in here makes my house empty without some fish swimming around!.

Have a small space for a 3ft that I might set up....just not the big size tanks I'm used to having!

Hopefully with the warmer weather will get me out of the house driving so I don't have to think about fish! lol

Maybe I'll try and 3ft tall tank and put in some altums or Discus....

Hope all is well...I'm NEVER too far from here!


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It's been a tough 2.5 years without a big tank. Miss the whole aro, ray and dat combo. It's been tough but I have a 33 gallon fluval studio with barbs and loaches at this time. Thinking about changing it up but quite limited in fish selection. I'm sure we will both be back one day!