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Just wondering what are the legal standings of Pig Nose Turtles in Canada/Ontario..........

Legal, Not soo much?

Can you Keep/Sell/Eat/Sneeze at?



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My understanding is they are in a legal grey zone; they are CITES class 2, meaning they require export permits from their exporting country, but not an import permit from the importing country. Since they are not traded internationally legally (to my knowledge), any PNT in Canada were by default exported illegally, but not necessarily imported illegally; the latter would depend upon your reading of the Canadian import laws. Furthermore, once in the country, PNT would no longer require a permit of any kind to change hands (to my knowledge). Again, this is all based on my understanding and it is possible the laws concerning PNT's in Canada/Ontario have changed within the last year or two in ways I don't know about.


How rare can they be these days?

There’s guys with albinos in the hundreds

Can get these easier than turtles that are in no way rare

Canada has stupid laws regarding turtles in general