Post your guess for the London AM (morning) price fix of gold here!

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I could only find fixed price for Friday
$905.25 London Fixed AM closed gold price in USD for Friday the 4th. Everyone is over!


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Ha Ha Ha!

Congratulations Simon Lam! :)

You are the winner of a brand new Panda Gold Asian Arowana! Whoo Hoo! :D

The rules state that whoever is closest to the closing price on April 6, 2008 wins. The "not being over" bit was for the event of a tie.

I now realize of course that April 6 fell on a SUNDAY ( :eek: ), but no matter whether we go by the Friday April 4 closing price of the Monday April 7 closing price, Simon Lam still wins!!

And Simon has posted 100 times too! It is nice that you are in Vancouver as that will help with transportation. If I am not mistaken, Simon has already bought one Panda fish?

Anyhow, a BIG congratulations to Simon Lam!!

Stay tuned for some kind of photo essay when he gets the fish! :)
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