Prostruding vent


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Hey my little aro is kinda sick. The vent is out by about 1-2mm should I add salt or change water??? I've been feeding him/her mostly SW(90%) and a mix of prawns and crickets for the rest. I tried giving him hikari food sticks but he doesn't take them. What should I do??


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You mean Protruding Anus (PA)? If so, I find that "dry" food or food that are harder to digest cause this problem. SW is one of those food. Starve the aro a few days to let it digestive system rest. Then you can feed him food that are more easily digested, such as feeder goldfish. Try to not feed him only SW and a mix of food.
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SW are bad for this in young aro's, you can also add epsom salt at 0.1-0.2% to help get things moving.