RAF's 19th Grand Champion

Robin Arowana Farm’s Victory Record for The 19th Times in Royal Rumble, Manila, Philippines


Robin Arowana Farm has Achieved Grand Champion Title in Royal Rumble, Manila, Philippines​

For Robin Arowana Farm, competition is not just about winning or losing. But when Robin Arowana Farm regained Grand Champion title for the 19th times in Royal Rumble event on October 13th-16th 2016, we consider the achievement that we have reached in Greenhills Shopping Center, Manila, Philippines as a bonus for the hard work and commitment that we have done to produce arowana fish with champion grade.


The Row of Trophies in Royal Rumble Contest, Manila, Philippines​

19th is a long and winding journey. There are a lot of things that we can get from the word of “competition”. But we believe that is not because of the strength and greatness of our own that we can through to the point of this proud.


Grand Champion
ROBIN HE – Robin Arowana Farm​

There are so many parties that we cannot mention it one by one who always give the incredible supports so we can always perform in advance. First for Robin Arowana Farm’s hobbyists wherever you are who always yearn the best quality of arowana fish. All of you who constantly boost our spirit to do the best.


1st Runner Up
ROBIN HE – Robin Arowana Farm​

Secondly, our representative in Philippines, Mr. Glenn Angeles (Owner of The Big Fish Place and The Big Fish Place Junior) along with the staffs who have registered Robin Arowana Farm’s name and help us until the end of the competition.


Robin Arowana Farm's Team Along with Robin Arowana Farm's Representative in Philippines​


Mr. ROBIN HE Along with Robin Arowana Farm's Team​

Thirdly, the organizers who have conducting this incredible event. And the last, the judges who have made an objective assessment, Mr. David Choi, Mr. John Koo, and Mr. Franklin Dela Cruz. We present this title to all of you!



The Atmosphere of Royal Rumble Contest and Visitors in Greenhills Shopping Center, Manila, Philippines
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