Mark Huveneers

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Welcome all to my section on the Forum!

I am a stingraybreeder from the Netherlands specialized in high end stingrays for myself and all you fanatics out there.

In my subforum I will be posting info, pics and movies of my personal collection, my pups and the stingrays that are up for sale. If you are interested in purchasing rays from me, there are a few things you have to know first.

- I am situated in the Netherlands in Europe, so the stingrays will have to be shipped by plane if you live overseas. Shipping is expensive €500,00 and up on my side. And then there are import fees and taxes on your side. There is very little price difference between ordering one stingray or twenty, which makes the shipping costs per ray on small orders expensive and on large orders relatively cheap.
For example: ordering one ray is €500 plus import fees and taxes (say €150) is €650 shipping costs per ray, ordering twenty is € 700 plus import fees and taxes (say €300) devided by twenty is €50 per ray.

- You need a broker and a import license to bring fish in. If you do not have either find someone who can do this for you and knows what he is doing.

- Make sure your tank is large enough with good filtration and waterquality, stingrays get big and eat alot! Get your knowlede on rays up to the level that you can take care of them well, this will make the hobby alot more fun for yourself and the rays.

You got all this?

How to order:

- get in touch with me either by email, [email protected] or PM me

- let me know which rays you are interested in

- if we close a deal I will send you an invoice

- as soon as the payment is received we can plan a shipping date and I will send you the Airwaybill, I can ship fast as long as you got your end covered.

- paperwork and health certificate will be added to the shipment.

How to acclimatise:

- open the bag

- run an airhose, say 5mm, from your tank into the bag and let the aquariumwater mix with the water in the bag. once the amount of water has doubled remove 75% of the water and continue filling the bag with aquariumwater back up to the original amount or more. Place the bag in your aquarium and let them out. (personally i would start them of in a bare bottom tank and gradually add sand, not sharp)

- enjoy

I hope this is enough info to get you started,

Greetings Mark