Red Tail Giant Gourami


Arowana blogger
I just imported 10 red tail giant gourami (Osphronemus laticlavius). I am looking forward to keeping one to grow out. The others I will sell locally.

A good description of this fish is found at this link here:

In part it reads: "The Giant Red Tailed Gourami Osphronemus laticlavius is a beautiful but very large fish. It can grow up to 20 inches (50 cm). It is a relatively new addition to the aquarium hobby having only been described in 1992, with some of the first aquarium species showing up around 2004. It is much sought after but is still rather rare in the aquarium trade. But if you can obtain one it makes a spectacular showpiece for the very large community aquarium.

This fish is one of four giant gourami species currently recognized in its genus. It is a slightly smaller and more colorful version of its close cousin the Giant Gourami or Common Gourami Osphronemus gouramy. The O. gouramy was scientifically named long ago in 1801, so it is a much better known aquarium specimen. It is also the largest gourami, reaching up to 2 1/3 feet (70 cm)."

I hope that the one I keep grows to look something like this one I came across in a random video online: