Report of my journey to malaysia and singapore for ID 4


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Report of my journey to malaysia and singapore for Indo Dragon 4...

very tired but worthy..

i visit xian leng farm, pang long, sing aros, peifeng aquatics, kaiju arowana, purple red aquarium and some hobbyst in singapore and malaysia.

here i want to special thanks to all farms / shops / hobbysts that i have visited for a very good service and hospitallity... and open all for me to see and shot

here some selected pictures for sharing ; don't forget buy indo dragon 4 ..

Very nice these fish are awesome.

What does the book have in it pictures and info or just pictures? I am interested in one as well. How can I get one?


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I should be meeting up with Hendri shortly.

Let's do a group buy of his book!

I'll set up a pre-order section on one of the forums here shortly.

If we all buy the book together and go in on shipping we should be able to save a lot...More details to follow...