Robin Arowana Farm has Achieved The 18th Grand Champion

Robin Arowana Farm has Achieved The 18th Grand Champion


Robin Arowana Farm has achieved The 18th Grand Champion title in Manila, Philippines

Becoming the best is everyone’s obsession in a competition. Therefore, he will do his best to be the most superior and foremost. It was also felt by Robin Arowana Farm that competition is an event to prove whether the hard work to produce the best quality of arowana fish can be acknowledged by the world or not.


Grand Champion
ROBIN HE – Robin Arowana Farm

But great efforts will never disavow the results, many various winning achievements we have reached. One of the competitions was at the Royal Rumble contest in Tiendesitas, Pasig City, Manila on October 22nd–25th 2015. Robin Arowana Farm again won the title of Grand Champion. We would like to express our gratitude because this was the 18th Grand Champion for us, so that it’s adding to the long line of winning trophies that we have received.


Robin Arowana Farm's Representative in Philippines, Mr. Giles Angeles along with Robin Arowana Farm’s Team

A wise man once said that time would prove everything. For seven years, Robin Arowana Farm always consistently participated in various competitions conducted in different countries. There were innumerable obstacles and barriers in participating the contest. Some were easy. And some were “forcing” us to step back or even quit.


Mr. ROBIN HE along with Robin Arowana Farm’s Team

There are several times of Grand Champion title that should belong to us, but with our modesty we release it to the others. But we never give up and lose prior fighting. We do the best and let the world pass the judgment. Until this time, we will remain committed, consistent and persistent.


Mr. ROBIN HE along with Robin Arowana Farm’s Team

All of these achievements could not be achieved if it was not because of the supports from various parties. Therefore, let us thank to all parties for the meaningful participation. First, for the arowana hobbyist wherever you are for the supports so that we can reach this achievement.


Mr. Giles Angeles along with all staffs of The Big Fish Place and The Big Fish Place Junior

Second, our representative in Philippines, Mr. Glenn Angeles (Owner of The Big Fish Place and The Big Fish Place Junior), Mr. Glenn’s brother named Mr. Giles Angeles along with his staffs that always help us from the beginning until the end of the contest. Third, the committees which have been successfully organizing the event. Finally, the judges that have done the objective judgment professionally, which are Mr. Ernesto Ramos Jr., Mr. Wilson Koa, and Mr. Archie David. Hopefully arowana development could rapid increasingly from day to day.



Visitors’ enthusiasm in Royal Rumble Competition
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