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Update on my community.. Masheers are finally eating pellets. Actually finally eating period since I imported them 1.5 months ago! I guess being wild caught, not accustomed to aquarium life and unfamiliar with prepared food took them a while to settle in. Now they are eating carnivore pellets like crazy! I was getting a bit worried but they eventually came around.





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thanks! yea i miss the rays too but this is very easy to maintain!

tank is getting quite full. i dont know how big the masheers will get but i know i have davids tank to rehome them to if need be lol


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Bery nice Mike. All ur fish are so massive. Still starving my indos...hoping they come around like ur masheers


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when i have more time ill be back into rays! as of now im really satisfied with the masheers. keeps the tank busy with lots of movement!


I love the Masheers, Mike. They have a very koi-like body. I bet they're very powerful fish.

A nice sized FRT would look cool in there, too. Mine gets along really well with my aro.
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