Rules for the "WIN a FREE Asian Arowana Contest"MINIMUM POST COUNT HAS CHANGED

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Staff member presents to you the chance to win a FREE Asian arowana-------


Panda Gold Supreme HBRTG




1. Introduce yourself in the "Introduce Yourself" section of the forum.
Try to include a photo of a past or present fish or aquarium you have kept.

2. Make at least 100 posts by March 31st, 2008 to Posts must be consistently spread out from now until the end of the contest. For example, users who register a day before the closing time and post 100 times will not be accepted. Users who register after February 29th are not eligible. Users who spam will be disqualified. Winner will be subject to further examination (multiple IP address check and post history search). These posting regulations are to ensure that the winner is an active part of our community, not some Joe Blow who nobody knows. NO ENTRIES UNTIL YOU HIT 100 POSTS

3. Be a resident of Canada and take delivery of the fish in Canada. You must put your location in your profile

4. Come closest to correctly guessing (to the penny) the Morning Fixed (AM) price of Gold in London for April 6, 2008. Price is to be expressed in US dollars. Contestants will not be allowed to guess the same amount as someone else. Entries will be accepted by the time order in which they were received, so in the event of two people guessing the same amount, the earlier entry will be accepted, while the later entry would be disqualified. Contestant guesses for the price of Gold (according to the above rules) are to be posted on this thread on or before midnight (Pacific Western Time in Vancover) on March 31, 2008.

5. Only in the event of a tie, with two people being an equal amount away from guessing the correct Gold price as stated above, whoever COMES CLOSEST WITHOUT GOING OVER wins! (kind of like the old Price is Right TV game show!)

6. Limit of one guess per person. Guesses or posts may NOT be editted so make it count! If your post has been editted for any reason you are disqualified.

7. Winner MUST showcase their fish in the photo gallery, along with 6 month and 1 year updates.

This contest is closed to Americans, you can guess for fun and see how close you get but you will win nothing!

** reserves the right to deny or disqualify any participant.
** Members using multiple accounts/usernames will be disqualified.
** This is a free raffle, but shipping will be paid for by the winner. In case of DOA there will be no replacement prize.
** Details and guidelines may be changed without notice.
Not open for further replies.