Sharing some Mitra Reds going to Japan


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Dear all,
These Mitra Reds were imported last September, 2014. Fishes have undergone only 1-2 months of tanning while under our care. And the nett result is most rewarding - cheeks have started to crack, and rim colour very obvious.

Body shape wise, a Mitra never disappoints - relatively higher bodies, slightly larger tails and longer pectoral fins beyond the pelvic fins. These are the key features that most Red enthusiasts would look for in the selection of a quality Red arowana.

Happy Weekend and Many thanks for viewing these pictures.

Mrs Goh


A Mitra going to Japan soon, deep blue sheen, cheek and rim colour at 12-13 inches.


Mitra Red with balanced body shaped, obvious rim colour development and dark red finnages.


A Mitra Red with Spoon head, solid cheek and rim development and dark red finnages, 12-13 inches.


This Mitra has a slight Spoon Head, nice cheek and rim colours and longer pectorrals that extend beyond its pelvic fins.