Some question reagarding phosphate

Some question regarding phosphate

Hello fellow arow keepers,

I have problem in my tank and I have tried different ways to reduce the phosphate in the tank but it does not seem to help so I was wondering if I could get some feedback on what contributes to the increase of phosphate and what ways are there to reduce the phosphate.



im not to sure about that i check there website on there TYPICAL CHEMICAL ANALYSIS and PROPERTIES chart they didn't say anything about phosphate
did u check ur tap water? and what kind and brand of filter media ur using?


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if i was you i would get rid of the silica sand. I had one aro passed away from that.
try to go down to big als and buy some RO water to do water change see if that helps


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If you are totally set on keeping the sand, be sure to frequently vacuum it a lot with a syphon.

Another trick I have done in the past is to add water sprite (floating hygrophalia sp.?) to the surface. I find it absorbs a lot of excess nutrients and then grows fast. Throw out a portion of the plant on a weekly basis. Of course you need to have decent plant lighting available to make this work.
Sorry for the late reply. I tested the water source and it was ok. I am using rena canister with the black foam, biomax from fluvel, and phosphate guard right now.

Thank you guys for the suggestions. I will try them see how it goes.

P.S.- The reason I am concerned about the phosphate is because I still have green water in the tank and I've heard that there is a correlation between algae and phosphate.
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