Spring/Summer 2023 Order - Merlion Dreamfish


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You guys KNOW that Merlion fish are top grade! :)

Spoil yourself, you deserve it :)

Email [email protected] if interested.

The next order will likely be coordinated out of Toronto by an experienced trans-shipper with a good and transparent record of shipping exotic tropical fish in Canada. Details to follow.

Let me leave you with a video of a grow-out of a Merlion Blood Red in Toronto:



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This order is still in process. No doubt it is a bit more complicated due to my being in Costa Rica now, but I have the online tools and knowledge base needed to help with the coordination. Email [email protected] if interested.


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Update on this order: due to circumstances beyond our control the arrival of the order has been delayed.

Oliver Lucanus of www.belowwater.com is in charge of this order now. Please contact him directly at [email protected]

You may also be interested in getting a copy of his new book on the Xingu River, or possibly some of the other rare fish he imports.


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Yet another update. For various reasons this order has been delayed.

I am now suggesting that people interested in getting a fish from the Panda and/or Merlion Dreamfish farms contact the owner of Merlion Dreamfish direclty.

Nic Chia can be reached on Facebook as: Poh Siong Chia ).

I understand there is an order from the Merlion Dreamfish farm being organized now, but I am not actually participating in any part of the organization beyond posting up about it.